Family Sessions

Timeless Moments With Your Family

Beach Family Sessions are some of my most common especially with Tourists who come to Tampa Bay area. I see many families from Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa and capture special moments with their families. Contact me to book your sessions and let's make some special memories together!

Why Family Sessions are so Special

Many sessions involve the immediate family which tends to be 5 or 6 people. Sometimes we have really special sessions where there is a much larger group. These sessions are even more special because the likelihood of getting all these same people back together again for another photo shoot is quite low.

Regardless of how large your Family sessions will be, each one is treated with the same reverence and care in capturing timeless memories of your family.

Book Your Session Early

If you are traveling to Tampa Bay area, make plans to book your shoot in advance. My booking schedule fills up fast so you want to make sure to book for the days you visit far enough in advance. Currently I am booked a month to a month and half out.

Fill out my contact form and I will reach out to you by phone initially to discuss all the details. After this point, we can continue by email or text.

Choosing Your Outfit

This is the single most important decision regarding your family session. Make some effort to coordinate outfits or at least present a color scheme that will accent your family photos. I will likely use this example in our conversation, but having someone show up in a rocker t-shirt and jeans while everyone else is nicely dressed will clash. Here are some tips. Light solid pastel colors tend to be best with the beach environment. Patterns and logos should be avoided. You want to make these images timeless. Clothing should be comfortable and appropriate for the beach environment.

Choose A Great Location

You can look over on my Locations page for some ideas of where to go. During our phone call, I will discuss the pros and cons of each location and suggest where we should do the session. Ultimately the decision will be yours.

Any location outside of my operating area will have additional travel fee added to the invoice. Generally any area outside of Zip Code 33625. My operating area tends to include all beaches in St. Petersburg before Skyway Bridge all the way up to Tarpon Springs. If you are booking from Sarasota / Bradenton area, this location is where I do add the Travel Fee.

Makeup and Hair

Your hair should be cut and styled at least 3 - 5 days prior to your shoot. This will give it time to calm down after a cut / styling. Makeup should be light.

Make hair, nail, and/or makeup appointments before your session. Look over all the details such as your nails and skin to make sure you are all set for your shoot. You may even want to consider hair spray for long hair since the beach tends to be windy and this may help keep things in place.