Preparing for your Photo Session

Choose A Great Location

During our Pre-consultation on the phone, I discuss with you the location for your photo shoot. I have a short list of about 4 – 5 locations in mind from which clients can pick where to have their photo shoot.

Many of my travel clients LOVE the beaches around Clearwater and St. Petersburg, so most of my locations are in these areas.

You can also opt to pick a different location. Just remember that any locations 30 miles outside of zip code 33625 will have a travel fee added to your invoice. Check out my Locations Page for some ideas where to do your session.

Things to do before your Session

  1. Make hair, nail, and/or makeup appointments for before your session. Make sure your roots are touched up and you aren’t wearing chipped nail polish to your session! These are small details but we want everything to be perfect. You may even want to consider hair spray for long hair since the beach tends to be windy.
  2. Plan your outfits at least a week in advance—don’t wait ‘til the last day, trust me! You want to wake up feeling relaxed and prepared, so plan these details out early. Feel free to text me photos of your wardrobe if you’re having a hard time choosing! I’m happy to help.
  3. Prepare your kids (and husband!) with laid-back, low-key references to let them know what’s happening. Tell them you will be “hanging out with our friend Bill on Saturday!” or “going to the park to play!” and keep things fun, lighthearted, and casual. (Families have shared that this tip is especially helpful if they have a particularly shy child.)
  4. Brainstorm about specific props, mementos, or special types of images you want captured. Some families bring heirloom quilts, a special stuffed animal, an embroidered keepsake, etc. Some families know they want a very specific type of photograph taken. If you have these preferences, be sure to brainstorm them in advance and let me know as well!
  5. Make sure everyone gets a great night's sleep and eats a good meal before the session.

Choose the right clothing

  1. Obviously, dress for the weather! We want everyone comfortable!
  2. Don’t wear matching clothes— no more jeans-and-matching-shirts these days! Instead, wear colors in a complimentary color palette, such as earth tones and neutrals.
  3. No tennis shoes, T shirts, or shirts with writing on them!
  4. Be careful about undergarments. While I am very experienced at Photoshop, editing out bra straps or undergarment lines is very difficult and time-consuming. Choose an ensemble that properly covers your undergarments, in all types of movement scenarios.
  5. I recommend women wear medium or long dresses instead of pants because they capture more movement and generally photograph more flatteringly. Short dresses will be a challenge when we do any seated photos, so keep that in mind.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes you can move in. If your dress gets suddenly too short when you bend over, or your pants are too tight to sit down in, opt for more breathable pieces. Be prepared to move!
  7. Do opt for accessories! Bowties, suspenders, hats, flower headbands, chunky scarves, beautiful flowing dresses and skirts—these create visual interest and movement in your photos, and really help the images stand apart. Photos are a special occasion; take advantage of this fun opportunity to dress up a little more.
  8. If you have a little girl with bright nail polish on, go ahead and remove it. Neon pink and vibrant turquoise nails will almost undoubtedly clash with your beautiful wardrobe choice, and yes, it will show up in the photos.
  9. Remind gentlemen to take bulky items like wallets, phones, and car keys out of their pockets before we start taking photos.

Some Last minute things to get

Here are a few last minute things you might want to bring for your session.

Sweat rag or towel during the hot season

Bottle of water.

Bug spray depending on the location and time of day for the shoot. Noseeums are a pest that can cause irritation during a shoot. Early morning shoots at Honeymoon Island will involve some rather nasty mosquitos and bug spray is a must for that spot.